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Educational System

  1. Viaró School is open to people of all social backgrounds and positions. Its goal is to shape its students with a holistic education in a climate of freedom and personal responsibility. Docència i Investigació, S.A. owns the school. With the exception of the nursery school, Viaró is an all-boys school.
  2. When applying for admission in Viaró, parents are exercising their inalienable right to choose a specific type of education and thereby freely accept Viaró’s philosophy, structure, operating rules and the traditional nature of the Centre.
  3. Viaró considers its educational role to be that of a representative and collaborative partner – but not a substitute – of the family. The main responsibility of educating children falls on their parents, who need to maintain a close and constant relationship with the Centre – especially through their son’s teacher – and ensure that the educational role of both the family and school work in close coordination. Viaró offers the necessary means to achieve this end and hence expects the parents’ collaboration, support and dedication to support the Centre’s objectives.
  4. The academic coordination of Viaró falls under the responsibility of the school’s management, in charge of the organisation and management of all teachings, and of ensuring that everyone – parents, teachers, non-teaching staff and students – faithfully follow the educational mission of the school and its ideology, which they have freely chosen.
  5. The education that Viaró aspires for its students —human, intellectual, cultural, religious and athletic—, is inspired by a transcendental view of human existence. The school promotes human and civic virtues —honesty, loyalty, justice, industry, fortitude, friendship, happiness —, which form the foundation of personal development. It also promotes the acquisition of habits for living together in harmony and solidarity and, without imposing its criteria, helps students act freely and responsibly and strive for the common good and social progress in a spirit of service to others.
  6. The school aims to provide personalised attention to students and their families. The school’s management assigns a tutor to each student who, in close contact with the student’s parents, works to guide his intellectual, human and moral development. Tutors also instil in their charges a love for the truth, the ability to form their own opinions and a sense of responsibility to take an active role in their personal development which impels them to make the utmost effort to work well and obtain the best results possible based on their abilities.
  7. All academic activities are based on the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church. In this regard, Viaró promotes a faithful adherence to the Catholic faith and doctrines among parents, teachers, non-teaching staff and students, with the utmost respect for the freedom of conscience, in line with the Church’s teachings.
  8. Viaró’s formative activity —spiritual and doctrinal— is entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei.
  9. As a consequence of the freedom that every professional enjoys when working in an educational Centre whose philosophy is consistent with his personal convictions, the teachers at Viaró and non-teaching staff commit themselves to the principles gathered in this philosophy and try to make them a reality in accordance with the educational guidelines and the operating rules established by the school’s management.
  10. Everybody working at the Centre —teachers and non-teaching staff— is expected to adopt an attitude that strives for professional growth.
  11. Viaró enables, through the appropriate means, the teachers’ professional and human development. It also provides professional training for alumni and students who are planning to become teachers.
  12. The student’s enrolment and education in the Centre involve — when he is old enough and therefore qualified — his acceptance of the Centre’s philosophy and doctrine.
  13. The school’s curriculum include the academic content as established by law for each level and year. Cultural, developmental, athletic, artistic activities are also offered to enrich the educational process and enable a comprehensive education of the students. Viaró promotes pedagogical and didactic research in an ongoing effort to improve the quality of teaching.
  14. Viaró collaborates with international educational projects to contribute to the understanding and respect of values of other cultures and enable the exchange of experiences. With the aim of students obtaining the most appropriate knowledge for their development, Viaró works with language acquisition and command as a vehicle of expression. The school’s curriculum includes Catalan, Spanish and English starting at the nursery school level.
  15. A professional respect for study is encouraged in all students, by emphasising the importance of effort, perseverance, order and care of school materials according to their age and ability.
  16. Academic discipline is the necessary framework in which teachers and students have to develop the responsible use of their personal freedom, and exercise the virtues in coexistence.
  17. Students must maintain an attitude of respect and collaboration with their teachers and peers and be aware that service to others needs to be present in all Viaró activities.
  18. The professional task of the non-teaching staff is indispensable for the proper functioning of the Centre. Viaró also promotes their personal and professional development.
  19. Viaró offers the appropriate channels for parents, teachers, non-teaching staff and students to actively participate in the Centre’s activities based on their abilities and their degree of responsibility, in a climate of mutual collaboration and trust. The exercise of all competencies, roles and positions, and the relationships among those who form part of Viaró, are characterised by a sense of cooperation, solidarity and harmony, which translates into a sense of service to every individual, family, the Centre itself and society as a whole.


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