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Summer And Country Camp 2018
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Course 2016-2017

Summer Camp 4th Week: Imperium Viarotum


And finally, after four weeks of intense activity, we founded our longed-for Imperium Viarotum. Following a series of tough and challenging athletic events, a gladiator was chosen for each course and was crowned by Julius Caesar. Now we were ready for the grand inauguration ceremony. Each course, during a kitchen workshop, prepared...

Country Camp 4th Week: Country Camp Cheese


We learned how to take care of animals and plants and now we're also learning how to make fresh cheese! The farm experience never stops at our Country Camp. ...

Summer Camp 3rd Week: Face to face!


Finally Julius Caesar and Brutus came face to face, and thanks to Caesar´s quick thinking, and the power and organization of our soldiers, the 7 Legions were able to find their 7 stolen flags and ultimately save the Imperium Viarotum! Now we are free from fear, and free from Brutus. It was revealed that Brutus and Caesar were once cl...

Country Camp 3rd Week: The First Vegatables


We just collected our first vegetables! We're learning a lot about farm activities at the #CountryCamp ! ...

Summer Camp 2nd Week: Brutus is coming!


How many things can happen in just one week!? The levels of fun and good-feeling in the Summer Camp are unparalleled. Inflatable water games, a bicycle trip, camping, as well as the pool, sports and daily workshops … but parents, don´t worry! We also have time for homework and English classes! However everything is not as perf...

Welcome to Country Camp Infantil Viaró!


Authentic farm experience at our #CountryCamp ! Discovering and taking care of animals at Viaró #greenschool #beglobal ...

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2nd edition of the musical stimulation workshop

On Saturday, November 24, the second edition of the Musical Stimulation Workshop was held at Viaró Infantil. It was a practical encounter wi...


IV Viaró Teams Mathematics Relay Race

On November 29, the IV Viaró Teams Mathematics Relay Race took place. 144 students (from 1st PRIM to 2nd BAC) participated. The test consist...


Saint Louis Scott Gallagher soccer club visits Viaró

Saint Louis Scott Gallagher soccer club, from the USA, visited us on 20th November. Our 3rd Secondary students played against the American club an...


IconaMonthly Newsletter 2018 December

Icona2nd edition of the musical stimulation workshop

IconaIV Viaró Teams Mathematics Relay Race

IconaSaint Louis Scott Gallagher soccer club visits Viaró

IconaTrailer of the Christmas Festival 2018

IconaMusical Week for Saint Cecilia

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