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Course 2018-2019

Alumni: Juan Carlos Martel, new director of the Teatre Lliure of Barcelona


The alumni of Viaró Juan Carlos Martel (Zenit) was appointed, last Friday, January 18, new director of the Teatre Lliure of Barcelona.

After finishing his studies in Viaró, Juan Carlos Martel continued his studies in economics at ESADE and at the University of Barcelona, ​​where he is studying a postgraduate course on Design of Theater Projects, a training that will surely be useful in this new stage at the forefront of El Lliure. An environment that is not unknown to him, since between 2015 and 2017 he was part of the artistic management team, where he premiered works such as Inframón by Jennifer Haley or Revolta de bruixes by Josep Maria Benet i Jornet.

With this new position, Martel will have to meet challenges beyond artistic programming, such as direct participation in the remodeling of theater performance, and surely the values ​​acquired at Viaró will help him perform a better task.

From the entire Viaró community, we want to wish you a lot of luck, or rather to ‘break a leg’, in this ambitious project!

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IconaAMPA: Conference by Ariadna Blanco at Viaró

IconaVideo: Primary Art Challenge

IconaViaró Research: Garden Project

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