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Course 2018-2019

Edu de Batlle visits Viaró


This week we had a very special visit in Viaró. Edu de Batlle, sports director of RAC 1, has met our facilities and talked with the students of 1st and 2nd year of Bachillerato who are taking the subject of Audiovisual Culture. It has been a very interesting session in which the students of the school have been able to chat with a first level sports journalist with more than 20 years of experience.

Edu de Batlle highlighted to our students that the most important thing to achieve what you want, in work and life in general, is to fight for it and go for it. Some of the students present expressed their desire to dedicate themselves to journalism, so Batlle encouraged them not to wait any longer to fully and passionately turn to this project. In this line, he also stressed the importance of a good education, either in the university, where students obtain the necessary tools to be able to develop professionally, as well as at an individual level. "Consume all the journalism you can. Regardless of the media, radio, television or press, and the trends of each journalist or support, "he said.

Also, and more specifically focused on his profession, Edu de Batlle insisted on the importance of practicing journalism: "the journalist is trained practicing journalism." Without going any further, the experience of the head of sports of RAC 1 began his professional career at age 17, broadcasting 3rd division matches on local radio, with very little audience and without charge. It is true, the work of the journalist is not always well recognized or remunerated, so it is considered a very vocational profession but, in the words of Edu de Batlle, "work what you like and fill you is much more important than the money".

During the session with the journalist, our students asked specific questions about the phenomenon of the fake news and how it is being addressed from the newsrooms. Once again, the journalist emphasized that "a good formation is key when it comes to identifying and discerning between real and false news. Social networks are a great tool and a breakthrough, but both today's journalists and users of these platforms have to be alert not to fall into the trap of fake news. Batlle added that "the most important value that the journalist has is credibility. If we let ourselves be carried away by the fake news, we will lose the prestige of this profession. "

Following the idea of ​​objectivity, Batlle stressed the importance that "the first commandment of a good journalist, something that is inviolable in this work, is impartiality" and that, despite the fact that sports radio journalism seeks to generate sensations and emotions in your listener, the professional should never lose sight of the fact that his job is to inform.

The visit of Edu de Batlle has been the first of many that will take place throughout this course. Viaró's educational community we want to bring our parents and students to the professional reality, new trends in education, references in innovation, etc. and give the opportunity to meet very different profiles of which we are sure we will learn and we will draw very interesting conclusions.

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