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Saint Thomas Trophy



The reason for holding this sports competition is to celebrate the patron of students: Saint Thomas Aquinas (January 28). This is a universal date of celebration that is observed in many places: schools, faculties, universities…

Some of the more specific aspects fostered through organising this Tournament are:

Friendship: between classmates and students in rival classrooms. This competition is important for the heavy social weight it entails: organising the class teams, distributing students according to their physical capacities and study the rival teams, among other points. It is also an occasion for getting to know the teacher in charge of the course and the students better.

Cooperation between teachers and students is essential to achieve success.

Unity of life: the intended goal is for students to be the same in the playing field and out. This means understanding a competition as a part of sports that helps them to be better, whether they win a match, lose it or there is a draw. When on a sports field, people can show themselves as they are but they cannot become irrational; that is what is underlined in this activity.

Fair-play: accepting the qualities of our friends and rivals, as well as one’s own limitations is the first expression of fair play.


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