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Year of Faith

List of interesting document in order to live the Year of Faith



OCTOBER: Prayer for the Year of Faith announced by Benedict XVI

  •  I pray the Holy Rosary, if possible as a family.
  •  I offer my class hours and my study or homework time.

NOVEMBER: Confession

  • I carefully examine my conscience before Confession
  • I show repentance to my Father God for my offenses and I speak clearly when confessing them
  • I make a purpose of amendment.


  • I go to Holy Mass every Sunday and on days of obligation.
  • During the Holy Mass I pray for my family and my friends, and I encourage them to attend, too.

JANUARY: Eucharistic Communion

  • I prepare myself to receive Jesus in the Eucharist with my soul clean of grave sin.
  • I take Communion with the due attention and I stay recollected in prayer with Jesus during 10 minutes after receiving Him.


  • I spend some minutes every day to talk to God my Father.
  • I begin and end the day addressing a prayer to my Father God and to my Mother the Virgin Mary.

MARCH: Love to the Cross

  • I accompany Jesus in His Passion by offering Him small practical sacrifices during the day for the conversion of sinners.

APRIL: Gospel

  • I read the Gospel for a few minutes every day, with the desire to get to know Jesus more and better.
  • I listen to His words as addressed to me personally.

MAY: Month of our Mother the Virgin Mary

  • I pray the Rosary to the Virgin Mary with devotion. I encourage my parents to pray it as a family.
  • I say some words of affection to the image of the Virgin Mary presiding over my classroom at school.

JUNE: Eucharistic Piety

  • I greet Jesus in the tabernacle when arriving in or leaving the school.
  • I spend some time in His company, and I pray to Him for the Pope and for the Pope’s intentions.
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