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STORYLINE: This year’s summer camp is based on the story of the characters Allan Park and Dan Kane, two young friends with a shared hobby: magic tricks. They decide to take part in the ‘Golden Feather’ , a competition which takes place every four years to decide who is the best magician in the world. The four weeks of summer camp will be full of adventures with magic tricks playing a leading role in the workshops, games and the Thursday night sleepover

TIMETABLE: During the summer camp we have the same timetable as during the year: from 9.15h to 16.25h. If possible we would like the students to be on time. This year we will have a monitor waiting outside Hexagonos between 8.15 and 9.15, for your convenience. We remind you that this year the summer camp will start on Tuesday, 26th June and will finish on Friday, 20th July.

DISPLACEMENTS: As you know, during the summer there is no bus service, nor is there a train monitored by teachers, so we recommend all students come with FFGC and get the train from Plaça Catalunya at 8.23h together. Monitors will be distributed between Muntaner and Sarrià stations in the mornings. They will be there ten minutes before taking the train.  This will allow all of the monitors and boys coming from Barcelona to take the train together. When returning home we recommend the train at 16:48h. If you bring students by car you can enter by the gate of Viaró that is in front of CAR, and park in the parking area inside the school, just behind the Oratory.

PLACE: We will be in the Hexagonals, You can leave and collect your children at the doors of Hexagonals facing the lawn. However, do not look for them during the day because they will be all over the school practicing magic tricks with their friends!

TEAMS: All groups of pupils are attended by a Viaró teacher and a native English speaking teacher; in addition to these we assign an assistant who is a senior college student.

ENGLISH: The Summer Camp experience is lived in English, which means that all the activities are done in English. Moreover, there will be a daily class in this language.

UNIFORM: On the first day we will give everyone two the Summer Camp t-shirts and a cap. It is important to keep this uniformity. Pants can be sports pants or shorts; for shoes it would be best that they use trainers and sports socks.

DINING: We are going to eat at 12.15h. The food is prepared every day by Viaro’s cooks. As during the school year, tell us if your child needs a special diet. We will inform you of the menus every week through a letter that we will give to you the first day of each week.

SWIMMING POOL: Do not forget to bring a towel and swimming trunks because we are going to use the swimming pools assembled in Viaró especially for the Summer Camp, accompanied by a lifeguard. Although it is not essential, students can wear flip flops. However, it is recommended to apply sun protection cream before leaving home.

SPORT: In the summer camp we will play a number of different sports (basketball, baseball, hockey, football) and there will be daily competitions that will be fun and keep us fit. Naturally, magicians have to keep in good shape!

BIKES: Students can ride their bikes inside Viaró – although it is not mandatory- but they must always wear a helmet and ride carefully. In case of a bike needing to be repaired, they will have to take it home to fix it. Bikes can “sleep” at Viaró inside the pavilion.

HOMEWORK: Students in courses with summer homework (from year 1 to year 6) will have to bring the summer homework given at the end of the course because every day we spend a period of time doing them. They can also bring a book to read.

WORKSHOPS: This year, everyone involved in the Summer Camp (teachers, monitors and students) will be transformed into authentic magicians. This means that all of the workshops will be related to this central theme.

THE THURSDAY PLAN: Thursday is the most important day, because the story contains great adventures and our night games will determine how the story progresses. We have special activities prepared for this day. The students must bring their dinner and breakfast, pyjamas, spare clothes, a torch and a sleeping bag to spend Thursday night at Viaró. However, we will inform you every week with more detail. On top of staying to sleep and continue our story, we also keep Thursday for special plans: competitions, gymkanas, water games and attractions, Bubble Football, trips, etc.

REPORTS: Every Monday, you will receive information about the plans prepared for the week and we will give you a report at the end of the Summer Camp detailing yours son´s progress. You have and you are going to have on the school’s website all the information (enrollment, activities, menus, and all photos of the things we are going to do), and to conclude, you should know that we remain ever at your disposal for anything you might possibly need.

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