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Course 2016 - 2017

2 years-old: Farmers for a day


The 2 year old students were able to experience the world as farmers for a day at Can Jordi’s Farm. To compliment the activities that they had been doing in class and the new things that they had learned, the children were able to enjoy their new found knowledge about the farm and it´s animals in a real life setting. They...

Five-years old: Learning about their city


Their teachers have introduced them to the world of Gaudi and have included it as one of the things that they want to learn more about during the project. There is no better way of learning about something than seeing it up close and the help of an expert to help you find the little details. And this is what we did at Park Güell. Thei...

End of the Year Festival: A day to remember


On Saturday, 3rd June at 11 am we could enjoy the End of the Year Festival: A day to remember at Infantil Viaró Global School. A live performance of music and choreographies. The work of closing of the school year with the participation of parents, teachers and all the students of our Kinder and Preeschool. ...

3 years-old: Day out at the Farm!


On the 10th of May, the three year old students went to Can Plana Farm in Vallgorguina. They saw everything that their teachers had been showing them in school over the last few days: the different coats of the animals; animals that have horns; mammals and birds; and the products that we can get from the animals; and the different animal f...

5 years-old: Maths Champions!


On Friday, the 5 th of May, the P5 students participated in the “Maths Champions” competition that had been organised by Canigó School. They were able to enjoy and have fun with maths through games and manipulating materials: with measuring tapes they had to measure different things; they made patterns with coloured bal...

2 years-old: Road safety education from an early age


The two year olds have been learning about transports, and as they discovered all the vehicles around us, they showed a great interest of the police and firefighters. Last Friday, our friend Cisco, a member of the Local Police of Sant Cugat del Vallès, visited our school. He explained the various kinds of transport that the Po...

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AMPA: Conference by Ariadna Blanco at Viaró

Ampa Viaró invites you all to this conference "Atrapados en el califato: La situación real de los cristianos de Siria" ...


Video: Primary Art Challenge

In the future, how will transport, cities and schools be? Primary students have turned their ideas into works of art at the 24th Art Challeng...


Viaró Research: Garden Project

New article at Viaró Research blog, written by Conchita Vizuete.


IconaAMPA: Conference by Ariadna Blanco at Viaró

IconaVideo: Primary Art Challenge

IconaViaró Research: Garden Project

IconaSaint Thomas Trophy ceremony

IconaFLL: OMICRON VIARÓ will compete in Tenerife

IconaPre-School: Open Door Day

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