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News 2017 - 2018

LA Galaxy Orange County visits Viaró


The team of the USA LA Galaxy Orange County was in Viaró to play a game against the 2nd ESO team. Everyone has eaten together before the game. The meeting has been very positive, since the boys have been able to exchange experiences. What a great atmosphere! Last Friday we welcomed the footb...

Saint Thomas: Award ceremony


During two weeks the Saint Thomas 2018 trophy was held at the school's sports facilities and on Friday 9 the trophies were handed out to the different winning classes in the different modalities at the Viaró stadium (athletics , team sports and sogatira). The winning class of the Saint Thomas Absolute Trophy 2018 has been the 3r...

The sports competition of Saint Thomas begins


One more year, the sports competition of Saint Thomas begins! The students compete in team sports, athletics and "sogatira", by courses and with a global calculation. In addition, the trophy Areté is delivered to sportsmanship and values. ...

Primary: XXVIII Christmas Cross


On Thursday, November 23, all the Primary students were part of the traditional Christmas Cross, which celebrated its XXVIIIth edition. The winning team with the most points of the entire Primary this time was Fúries. You can see all the photos in this link:

International: Soccer matches against Pateadores (USA)


Last Thursday, November 23 we received the visit of two teams from the football school Pateadores, in the United States. After sharing the food, they played friendly matches against 4th and 6th grade students. A great opportunity to tell experiences and get to know other cultures, a fundamental pillar in global education. ...

389 students at the 19th Cros Ciutat de Sant Cugat


Last Sunday, November 12, the 19th edition of the Cros CIutat de Sant Cugat took place, in which students from many schools in Vallès and Barcelona participated. From 1st Primary to 1st Baccalaureate, the attendance of Viaró students reached 389. You can watch a video of the event by clicking here. We share some photo...

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AMPA: Conference by Ariadna Blanco at Viaró

Ampa Viaró invites you all to this conference "Atrapados en el califato: La situación real de los cristianos de Siria" ...


Video: Primary Art Challenge

In the future, how will transport, cities and schools be? Primary students have turned their ideas into works of art at the 24th Art Challeng...


Viaró Research: Garden Project

New article at Viaró Research blog, written by Conchita Vizuete.


IconaAMPA: Conference by Ariadna Blanco at Viaró

IconaVideo: Primary Art Challenge

IconaViaró Research: Garden Project

IconaSaint Thomas Trophy ceremony

IconaFLL: OMICRON VIARÓ will compete in Tenerife

IconaPre-School: Open Door Day

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