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Course 2017 - 2018

Cangur: Good results of the students


In Catalunya, 22612 students of 1st year Secondary school, 20513 of 2nd year Secondary school, 17934 of 3rd year Secondary school, 9250 of 4th year Secondary school, 5532 of 1st year Baccalaureate and 3602 of 2nd year Baccalaureate have taken part in the last edition of the Cangur maths contest. 16 Viaró Secondary students and 7 Via...

Álvaro Ribot Barrado wins the silver pin of Cangur


On May 15th took place the Cangur awards ceremony, together with other contests organized by the Catalan Association of Maths. Álvaro Ribot Barrado, student of 2nd Baccalaureate has been one of the winners; he got the 2nd highest mark in his level (among a total of 3697 participants) and was also awarded with the Cangur silver pin. ...

Video: The industrial revolution drawn by students


As part of the Social Science programming, 6th grade students are explaining the First Industrial Revolution in a creative way. In this way we work the interpretation of the present from the analysis of changes and continuities over time, to understand the society in which we live. This video has been made by Miguel Fargas Gutiérrez...

Maths Contest Cangur 2018


On Thursday 15th March, 16 Primary students (8 5th Prim. and 8 6th Prim.), 78 Secondary students (23 1 st ESO students, 19 2 nd ESO students, 19 3 rd ESO students, 17 4 th ESO students) and 24 BAC students (9 students from 1BAC and 15 of 2BAC) have participated in the mathematical contest Cangur. ...

LEGO: ADÁN3VIARÓ wins the Second Prize for Inspiration


On March 10 th and 11 th , the First Lego League final state competition was held in Logroño with 55 teams, where participated the ADÁN3VIARÓ team, formed by 7 students from 4th of ESO: Juan Cadafalch Cerdà, Juan Doménech Medarde, Rafa Lefort Durany, Dani Onandía Sans, Josemaría Reguart Abell&oac...

Baccalaureate: Programming competition HPCodeWars


The students Álvaro Ribot Barrado, Toni Bosch Canals, Carlos De Yzaguirre Bahillo, Jan Guardiola Valero, Ton Borrell Tatché and Miguel Depares Aguilar coached by Luis Biel, participated in the HPCodewars programming competition last March the 3 rd . They had a great experience where they displayed all their abilities learned on C++...

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2nd edition of the musical stimulation workshop

On Saturday, November 24, the second edition of the Musical Stimulation Workshop was held at Viaró Infantil. It was a practical encounter wi...


IV Viaró Teams Mathematics Relay Race

On November 29, the IV Viaró Teams Mathematics Relay Race took place. 144 students (from 1st PRIM to 2nd BAC) participated. The test consist...


Saint Louis Scott Gallagher soccer club visits Viaró

Saint Louis Scott Gallagher soccer club, from the USA, visited us on 20th November. Our 3rd Secondary students played against the American club an...


IconaMonthly Newsletter 2018 December

Icona2nd edition of the musical stimulation workshop

IconaIV Viaró Teams Mathematics Relay Race

IconaSaint Louis Scott Gallagher soccer club visits Viaró

IconaTrailer of the Christmas Festival 2018

IconaMusical Week for Saint Cecilia

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